Contracting Policy Notice 2012-2 of the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada

Contracting Policy Notice 2012-2: An Overview

The Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada (TBS) is responsible for developing and implementing contracting policies and regulations for federal government departments and agencies. One such policy is Contracting Policy Notice (CPN) 2012-2, which outlines the procedures and requirements for procurement of goods and services by federal organizations.

CPN 2012-2 is intended to promote fairness, transparency, and accountability in government procurement activities. It applies to all procurement processes, from planning and preparation to contract award and management. The policy is based on the principles of value for money, open competition, and respect for the Canadian market and international trade agreements.

The key features of CPN 2012-2 are:

1. Planning and preparation – Federal organizations must develop a procurement plan that is consistent with their business objectives and statutory requirements. The plan must identify the goods and services to be procured, the estimated value of the procurement, and the procurement method to be used.

2. Procurement methods – The policy requires that procurement processes be conducted using the appropriate method, depending on the estimated value of the procurement. For example, procurements with a value below $25,000 can be awarded without competition, while more complex procurements may require a formal competitive process.

3. Open competition – The policy requires that procurement be conducted in a fair and open manner, to promote competition among suppliers. Federal organizations must ensure that all suppliers are given equal access to procurement opportunities, and that bids are evaluated based on pre-established criteria.

4. Contract management – Once a contract has been awarded, federal organizations are responsible for ensuring that the contractor delivers the goods or services in accordance with the terms of the contract. This includes monitoring performance, making payments, and resolving disputes.

In addition to these key features, CPN 2012-2 also includes specific requirements for certain types of procurement, such as sole-source contracts and contracts with Aboriginal businesses. The policy also emphasizes the importance of environmental and social responsibility in procurement activities.

Overall, CPN 2012-2 is an important policy for federal organizations to follow when procuring goods and services. By adhering to the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability, the government can ensure that taxpayers` money is being spent wisely and that suppliers are being treated fairly. As such, federal organizations should ensure that all procurement activities are conducted in accordance with the policy, and that any deviations are properly documented and justified.

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