Subject Verb Agreement Exercises for Class 7 with Answers

Subject-verb agreement is a basic concept in English grammar that students in class 7 will need to master. This skill involves using the correct verb form that agrees with the subject of a sentence. Engaging in subject-verb agreement exercises will help students sharpen their skills and avoid making grammar mistakes. This article will provide some useful exercises and their answers to help class 7 students improve their subject-verb agreement skills.

Exercise 1: Identify the verb and subject in the following sentences and determine if they agree.

1. The dogs (bark) loudly. – Bark agrees with the subject dogs.

2. She (have) two cats. – Have does not agree with the subject she. It should be has.

3. The teacher and the students (study) hard. – Study agrees with the subject teacher and students.

4. My brothers (likes) to play football. – Likes does not agree with the subject brothers. It should be like.

5. The bird (fly) in the sky. – Fly agrees with the subject bird.

Exercise 2: Fill in the blank with the correct verb form that agrees with the subject.

1. My mother ___ (cook) dinner every night. – Cooks

2. He ___ (play) the piano beautifully. – Plays

3. The children ___ (run) around the playground. – Run

4. She ___ (enjoy) reading books. – Enjoys

5. The flowers ___ (smell) lovely. – Smell

Exercise 3: Rewrite the sentences correctly using the correct subject-verb agreement.

1. The cat meow loudly. – The cat meows loudly.

2. My parents like to travel. – My parents like to travel.

3. The sun rise in the east. – The sun rises in the east.

4. The spider spin webs. – The spider spins webs.

5. The cars honk at each other. – The cars honk at each other.

By practicing exercises like these, class 7 students can gain confidence in their subject-verb agreement skills and avoid making mistakes in their writing. It is important to remember that subject-verb agreement is a fundamental concept in English grammar and will be used throughout one`s academic and professional life.

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