Sfa Honors Contract

SFA Honors Contract: Everything You Need to Know

As a student at Stephen F. Austin State University, you may have heard about the SFA Honors Program. This program offers a challenging and rewarding academic experience for students who want to push themselves intellectually and academically beyond their comfort zone. One of the core components of the Honors Program is the Honors Contract. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the SFA Honors Contract and how it can benefit you as a student.

What is the SFA Honors Contract?

The Honors Contract is a formal agreement between an Honors student and a professor for a regular course. The contract allows the student to earn Honors credit for a non-Honors course by completing additional work beyond what is required of the other students in the course. This additional work may include extra reading, research, writing, or other coursework that is designed to deepen the student`s understanding of the course material.

How do I get an Honors Contract?

To be eligible for an Honors Contract, you must be an Honors student with a minimum GPA of 3.25. You must also have completed at least one Honors course before you can apply for an Honors Contract. Once you have identified a course you would like to take as an Honors Contract, you must contact the professor to discuss the possibility of the contract. If the professor agrees to the contract, you and the professor will work together to develop a plan for the additional work that you will complete.

What are the benefits of an Honors Contract?

There are many benefits to participating in an Honors Contract. First and foremost, the additional work you complete will deepen your understanding of the course material, which will help you in future courses and in your overall academic career. Completing an Honors Contract also demonstrates to potential employers or graduate schools that you are willing to go the extra mile to challenge yourself and excel academically. Finally, completing an Honors Contract will earn you Honors credit, which is required for graduation with Honors from the SFA Honors Program.

In summary, the SFA Honors Contract is an excellent opportunity for Honors students to deepen their understanding of course material, challenge themselves academically, and earn Honors credit. If you are interested in pursuing an Honors Contract, talk to your professor and the Honors Program staff to learn more about the process and available options. Good luck!

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